How To Move On After Being Cheated On

Being cheated on can leave a lasting impact much tougher than simply breaking up with someone. You spent much time getting to know someone in a relationship, just for them to be doing the same thing with someone else. After going through a betrayal like that, what can you do to move past it? Here are some tips you can apply to this tough time:
It’s OK to vent about it
Venting is a great way to express your feelings. Speak to someone close to you about what went wrong and how you are feeling. You also might find it helpful to go to a counselor to help you deal with what you are going through in a productive manner.
There is a caveat when it comes to venting, though. Use it as a way to give voice to feelings that you need to get out. Arrange to have a massive “pity party” with a good friend where you completely let go and don’t hold back anything. Laugh, cry and get it out of your system.
Then start moving on with your life. Don’t give this cheater any more of your energy than you need…

The Incredible Bravery of Breaking Up with Someone You Love

Deciding to leave the person you fell in love with can be difficult, but can be worth it in the long run. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner anymore, you’re just ready to end a cycle of ups and downs. It shows that you’re mentally strong enough to know when it’s over and that you aren’t afraid of being single.
Here are some reasons why ending a relationship shows your bravery more than fear:
You’re not afraid to end a “cycle” A toxic cycle can easily become a pattern in a relationship. One of the typical unhealthy cycles is the “back to normal” feeling, then arguments and breakups, followed by reconciliation. Breaking up is the loudest (and sometimes the only) way you can communicate with your partner. If you and your partner love each other, then it could be a chance that reconciliation can work in the future. On the other hand, saying “it’s over” could mean that you’re done for good. Whatever the outcome will be, ending something that no longer serves a purpose in your life…

What to Say to Someone Who Ghosted You


Realizing that No Family is Perfect

I remember watching the Steve Wilkos show when one of the guests yells out, “We are the most dysfunctional family out there.” In response, Steve Wilkos said, “That’s not an excuse. Everyone has a dysfunctional family.”
Those lines made me think about the perception of “that person’s family is more put together than mine.” Here are a few lessons I’ve learned through dealing with my family and how it has shaped my thinking and attitude about life:
A perfect family is a perception
I found that the most hurtful relationships in life often-times come from some of my family members. For example, there was a huge rift between my sister and me during the past few years over ideological differences and opinions on the political agenda. Learning that it is OK that we aren’t on the same page was a big step in acceptance. In fact, learning this lesson will help you survive confrontations and debates with non-family members.
Many people go through this with their families, and it’s often what can…

How to Bounce Back from Bad Dates

Image - Nappyco There’s no getting around it — bad dates suck. But you can and will move past it. At best, having a terrible dating experience can make you feel less excited about the next date. At worst, it can make you want to swear off dating altogether. But rest assured, most bad dates just mean the two of you weren’t a good fit for each other. After all, meeting someone new can have unpredictable outcomes. If you had a great time, it’s disappointing to not hear back after a date. If you had a terrible time, you might be the one doing the disappointing. If you’ve had a bad date (or a string of bad dates) you’re having a hard time bouncing back from, here are a few tips to get over it and move on stronger: 1. Remember, every date will not end the same.
Even though we start off almost every date hoping for a happy ending, the majority of them don’t end that way. Sometimes having a bad date can be a reality check that you’re putting too much pressure on your dates to be amazing. Bein…

What it means to be twenty-something and black in 2018

Throughout the year, we’ve seen our people face many adversities as well as many wins. It’s great to have a reminder of how far we came and how we envision our future. Read on to recap on the highlights and what this year means for us. 
Stay Woke on what’s going on Being twenty-somethin’ and black in 2018 means being woke when it comes to politics. It’s hard to not pay attention to some of the things we hear in the news. We’re at the time of our lives where the President’s decisions can affect our future, our economic security, and our freedom. In fact, one of the things we are witnessing is the President vocally condemn Colin Kaepernick while staying silent during the white supremacists’ rallies.
Moments like that or even during the news of a Dallas officer killing a black man in his own home being are reasons why we must stay vigilant about our purpose and stay cautious about our surroundings. The best thing we can do is to learn more and keep evolving as people. Being young is an adv…

Letter to a Twenty Somethin': Being a Strong Woman

Dear Twenty Somethin'
Being a Strong Woman in a Relationship Doesn’t Mean Doing it All There’s a common misunderstanding of what a strong woman looks like. We hold the crown on our heads with grace and with very little complaining, while all along enduring day-to-day challenges to keep the crown on. If you learn early on in life to not do it all, you can set the tone for how you’ll get treated for the rest of your life.
Asking for help is in fact a strong trait. 
As much as we would love to believe that if we do something by ourselves without asking for assistance would get the job done quicker, it often leaves us feeling burnt out. If you act like you can do everything in a relationship, you’ll get stuck with doing everything. Asking for help makes him feel needed.  Consequently, doing everything for your partner lowers your standards in the relationship. The challenge of him being able to keep you in his life comes when you raise your expectations and requirements. You will star…