What it means to be twenty-something and black in 2018

Throughout the year, we’ve seen our people face many adversities as well as many wins. It’s great to have a reminder of how far we came and how we envision our future. Read on to recap on the highlights and what this year means for us. 
Stay Woke on what’s going on Being twenty-somethin’ and black in 2018 means being woke when it comes to politics. It’s hard to not pay attention to some of the things we hear in the news. We’re at the time of our lives where the President’s decisions can affect our future, our economic security, and our freedom. In fact, one of the things we are witnessing is the President vocally condemn Colin Kaepernick while staying silent during the white supremacists’ rallies.
Moments like that or even during the news of a Dallas officer killing a black man in his own home being are reasons why we must stay vigilant about our purpose and stay cautious about our surroundings. The best thing we can do is to learn more and keep evolving as people. Being young is an adv…

Letter to a Twenty Somethin': Being a Strong Woman

Dear Twenty Somethin'
Being a Strong Woman in a Relationship Doesn’t Mean Doing it All There’s a common misunderstanding of what a strong woman looks like. We hold the crown on our heads with grace and with very little complaining, while all along enduring day-to-day challenges to keep the crown on. If you learn early on in life to not do it all, you can set the tone for how you’ll get treated for the rest of your life.
Asking for help is in fact a strong trait. 
As much as we would love to believe that if we do something by ourselves without asking for assistance would get the job done quicker, it often leaves us feeling burnt out. If you act like you can do everything in a relationship, you’ll get stuck with doing everything. Asking for help makes him feel needed.  Consequently, doing everything for your partner lowers your standards in the relationship. The challenge of him being able to keep you in his life comes when you raise your expectations and requirements. You will star…

5 Things to remember when changing careers

Embarking on a new career can be exciting but can also feel as if you're starting over from scratch. To keep from feeling overwhelmed at your new job, it's important to make time for other areas in your life. Here are some tips to keep you afloat when changing jobs:
Get a grasp on your new schedule!
One of the first things you should do to keep afloat with daily rituals is to prioritize important tasks. You can begin this by writing out your weekly goals and how you can go about tackling them. This can be important especially when dealing with a new work schedule. Planning for your off days will ensure you get as much chores and errands done as possible. For me, I have an outlined schedule to keep me accountable. In between a full-time job, taking information technology courses, blogging/book-writing and going to the gym, I created a full calendar where I know what I should be doing every day so that I won't feel overwhelmed.
Learn about the company! To help you feel prepar…

Sober in Love: 20 Date Ideas that Don’t Involve Drinking

In the spirit of a sober summer, we thought it would be an interesting idea to choose some dates that don’t involve spending money on drinks. Trade in clubbing and take a look at our list of the top 20 non-alcoholic dates. Attending Church service Having a picnic in the park Going to an amusement park Museum Gym date Attending a play/musical Going to a concert Going to a fair or a parade A local beach/pool Dance class Trying karaoke night Attending an info session together: cooking class, managing finances, a “how-to” course (knowledge is wealth!) Finding a networking event A restaurant that is culturally different Running Attending a poetry jam Get dressed up and take pictures outdoors Cook and come up with some non-alcoholic drinks together Bowling Going to the zoo As you might’ve noticed, you can incorporate alcohol into some of these activities. However, if you and your date keep the activity in mind, then drinking won’t be the center of attention!

When Should You Introduce Him to Your Friends?

It's hard to not show your friends how excited you are about your new partner. Whether it's the first or the tenth serious relationship, it never gets easier to not fear scrutiny of the new man in your life.
Regardless how nervous you may feel, the people who know you best will want to meet your new guy. Here are some tips on when you should introduce him to your friends:
The honeymoon phase is starting to level off into a normal relationship.
The honeymoon phase is during the beginning of the relationship when you're very excited about your partner. Talking and being with him every day feels like a dream come true. However, even if you're sure he is the one, you should also be looking out for things you don't like. The truth is, the initial impressions during the first couple of weeks of dating doesn't give you that much insight on the future. You want to get to a space where you naturally know things about him; such as, his lifestyle or what annoys him, instea…

3 Things to Expect When Dating an Older Guy

Out of all the relationships I’ve been in, the most interesting ones were with men a few years older than me. In fact, most of my friends are older than me. Coincidence? Maybe… I often felt more attracted to older guys than the guys my age, or younger. Dating a partner who is older has its benefits and drawbacks, just like any relationship. Here are some of the things you can expect when dating an older man. It’s A Learning Opportunity For You Dating someone a few years older than you, gives you a different perspective on how someone else handled their younger self. Was he as responsible as you are? How did he grow into the person he is today? In addition, having an older partner gives you a chance to look into the future. You’re tasked with asking yourself, ‘do I want to be like him at that age or do I want a completely different path in life?’ There’s a six-year age difference between me and my boyfriend. Dating a guy in his early thirties has taught me a lot about how I envision m…

Got a lot on your mind? Here are some tips to declutter your thoughts:

The month of May is always a good time to begin spring cleaning your home, but what impact does it have on you mentally? Decluttering your mind is a form of spring cleaning. With so much going on in the world, there are so many unnecessary things that keep us distracted from using our positive energy and being productive. So how can we change the narrative? Here are a few ways you can get some thoughts off your mind: Take time away from the phone Yes, I know it may feel impossible, but here me out first. Taking some time away from your phone will not only help you be more productive, it will be a strong aid in redirecting your thoughts. Start with one hour a day, and see if you can challenge yourself to a little more time each day. What is sis bringing to the table? Saying “no” to people or things that aren’t aligned with your short-term goals will help you in your process of decluttering your thoughts. Re-evaluate your support system, and see how much a difference that will make. It’s …